Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday - Chapter 3

Third and final chapter of Jacob's 7th birthday.  Promise.

This is what he wanted for his birthday.  Go to Papa's RV in Texas.  So be it.  (The big blue eyes get me every time.)

Friday afternoon.  The whole pool to ourselves.  Which wasn't necessarily a good thing when we almost drowned and there was no one to save us.  A story for another day.  I'm still traumatized.

Friday evening.  Catfish dinner with Papa.

Saturday lunch.  McDonald's with Morgan.

Saturday afternoon at NASA Space Center.

He is NOT going to the moon without his Nana!

Rock climbing on Mars.

(The full video can be seen on my FB page.)

Saturday evening.  Kemah Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk Bullet
A wooden roller coaster the likes of which I avoid like the plague.

But Morgan and Jacob are game. 

Exiting the ride.
No tears.
No vomit.
Jacob:  "That was AWESOME!!!!
I never want to do that again."

The criteria for choosing subsequent rides was based on the volume of screams coming from riders.

This one passed the test.

Sunday.  Breakfast at IHOP.

The waitress gave Jacob a second cup of hot chocolate on the house.
We also finagled a Senior Citizen Discount on his meal.
We're cheap like that.

 On the dock.


Monday.  Heading home.

On lift-off, Jacob yells, "I can see my house from here!"
Wow, good eyes.
He also told the flight attendant they should serve grated cheese.
I'm sure she'll pass that suggestion on to higher authorities.

The End.
I promise.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Party

Kids in the pool.

(Notice the healthy brown grass.)

Parents fighting for shade.

 Plenty of cupcakes. 

And blue lips.

And only two "jumpers."

This dare devil.
 (Luckily her daddy was already in the pool.)

And this little guy (sans life jacket).
Whose daddy jumped in fully-clothed to pull him out.

Thank you, Lord, for attentive parents.

Tragically, the party ended in a meltdown after Jacob was shot in the eye from close range with one of his gifts.  

The dreaded water cannon.
Oh, just to set the record straight, it wasn't this full-grown "kid" that did the deed.  Didn't mean to imply that.  However, he was the one that gave the demonstrations.  Just sayin'....JB.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob!









I love you more than brownie fudge sundaes!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Confession:  I am a hot-weather, rain-rain-go-away, kinda girl.

But let's face it. After 2 months of over 100 degree weather and no rain to speak of...enough is enough.  So today's rain, scarce as it was, was a welcome relief.

 Clouds.  Beautiful clouds.

50% chance of more rain tonight.
Bring it on.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Welcome to the Family

Meet my new daughter-in-law.

Do my boys know how to pick 'em, or what?

Friday, July 08, 2011

It's a Honda Pilot, Sonny.

It seems like not so long ago I was being hit on by a highschool letterman in the turnpike McDonalds. Hellllooooooo.  I'm married, and those two hooligans on the McPlayground belong to me!

So, yesterday, I'm sitting at the airport waiting to pick up the hubs--windows rolled down, reading a good book.  On the curb is a 20-something boy-man, talking loudly on his cell phone, obviously trying to connect with his ride. Boy-man: "What are you driving?  No, I don't see you.  Well, I see a Escalade...and an older lady in...somethin'."

Could I have a scoop of ice cream on that humble pie?