Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm a lazy, lazy blogger...Zzzzzzzz

It's almost September and I've written a total of 16 posts in 2013.


Here's a quick recap of our summer.

Jacob had a great baseball season.

Coached by Dad...

...and Uncle Jeff.


Cruised Alaska


Celebrated a Birthday

Built a Bird House

And successfully completed our first Pinterest DIY project.

Neal moved in--and Jeff moved out.  

Neal left his job of 10 years at JVIC and joined the Willbros Downstream team.  So I've been adjusting to having a live-in husband/grounds keeper/pool boy/ranch hand.  I could get used to this.

Jeff rented an apartment in Tulsa, and I haven't wasted a moment purging the guest house and garage of leftover "stuff."  I've decided it's more satisfying to give away and throw away than to buy and aquire.  Who knew?

Packing tonight for a little vacay in Canada.  Ready to spend some precious time with parents and siblings, kids and grandkids.  Awesome.