Monday, July 30, 2012

Oppressive Heat

Did some research on one of our destinations in Italy.  It said, "...oppressive heat in summer.  74 degrees farenheit in July."  Oooh.  Don't know if I can handle it. :D

Meanwhile the forecast here today is 109.  That's what I call oppressive heat.  So Jacob, Lauren and I took refuge in the movie theater to watch "Brave."  Ummm....nobody warned me that it was a tear-jerker.

They wanted IHOP for lunch.

And their beverage of choice was hot chocolate. Why not, it's only 103 so far today.
Jacob:  "Jolly good."

Had to cool their tongues off with snow cones after a hot lunch.

Me:  I'll have to go get some money before we get snow cones.
Jacob:  Wouldja get me twenty bucks?
Me:  I don't think so.
Jacob:  Why not?  You're goin' anyway.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The End of a Tradition

Just returned from the traditional 13th birthday trip to Canada for Stormi, the youngest of my Blevins' nieces.

The tradition started in 1989, with my oldest niece, Heather.  (I only had two nieces at that time.)

See how much fun she's having at the Blue Jays game?

Okay, so the ski lift and slide down Blue Mountain might have been a little more exciting.

Five years later, as a matter of "fairness" I took Morgan.

Who talked me into my first ride on The Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls.

It would be 12 years before my next niece turned 13.  In 2006, it was Chelsea's turn.

We got ourselves a little culture and saw a play at the Princess Diana Theater in Toronto.

And 6 years later the tradition ends with Stormi's trip across the border.

Here are just a few of the fun things we did.  (Apologies to my older nieces...she's my last, so we kinda went overboard.)

Niagara Falls

Maid of the Mist

Whirlpool Jet Boat

Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum

Sky Wheel - Niagara Falls

 Wax Museum - Niagara Falls

Fireworks over Niagara Falls

Ferry to Toronto Island

On the Island

Quadricycle on the Island

Pizza and Ice Cream on the Beach - Lake Ontario 

Fishing Trip on Lake Ontario

I also take a lot more pictures than I did 23 years ago!

It's been a great way to get up-close and personal with my nieces.  Sorta sad that this is the end.  But who am I kidding?  I'm getting way too old for this.