Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fifteen Ways My Husband and I are Different

The Pioneer Woman threw out this challenge and I'm up for it.

Only fifteen?

Here goes.

1.  He loves living in the of land.  I'm a city girl.  Give me a condo.

2.  He's a country music fan.  Not contemporary country.  Classic Country. (Barf)  I listen to contemporary Christian music.

3.  I'm a "grammar nazi."  He's an Okie.  (No offense.)

4.  Him: Miracle Whip.  Me: Mayo

5.  He's a dog person.  I'm a cat person.

6.  He grew up with all brothers.  I only have sisters.

7.  I could eat chicken 4 or 5 times a week.  He gags on chicken.

8.  Me:  Thick crust.  Him:  Thin & Crispy.

9.  I like a clean and tidy house.  He's Pig Pen from Peanuts.

10.  He wants to "live off the land."  I like Reasors.

11.  I love to read.  He waits for the movie.

12.  I'm always cold.  He's always hot.

13.  Perfect vacation for him:  Hunting or fishing (or both) in the mountains.  Me:  Cottage on the beach, a good book and antique shops nearby.

14.  His TV - ESPN.  My TV - HGTV.

15.  I love technology--the newer the better.  He just started texting this week. (Against his will.)

Married 36 years.  Go figure.