Friday, November 08, 2013

Self-Image Experiment

I'm not sure when men came up with "No Shave November" but this is the first year I've heard anything about "No Make-Up November."  Not shaving--for men--doesn't seem like much of a sacrifice.  But to go all month without make-up?  That's just absurd.  Then I started reading what was behind this outrageous idea.  And I decided to try it.  For one day.  Not the whole month, because I don't want people to think I'm dying.

I chose Monday.  A day I wasn't going to the office, but also a day that I wasn't holed up in the security of homebound solitude.  My handy-dandy-man was coming to work on some projects at the house, it was grocery shopping day, banking day and of course work-out day.  The idea is to be confident in who you are...just the way God made you. To know that you are "wonderfully made."  And it saves time--bonus!

It was actually a good experience.  Surprisingly, I wasn't shunned.

And my handyman offered to come back today to work on some other projects I've been putting off.

I have him for the whole day.  And believe me, I am keeping him busy!  I think all women deserve a man who doesn't say, "you want me to do it right now?" every time you mention a home repair.