Friday, March 14, 2014

Bird Watching

There may be nothing sweeter in life than a lazy, sunny Friday morning when it's my day off and I have no appointments scheduled.

So I've been watching my bluebirds who must be convinced that, indeed, winter is finally over.

You may recall that every Spring, they have built their nest in the rusted pipe next to our cellar.  Which is like an oven in the summer, and their eggs literally cook.  So last summer, the kids and I rebuilt a birdhouse just for them.  And Neal covered the pipe with wire mesh.

Practicality trumps beauty at our house.

So here's my beautiful bluebird.  Looking all sweet and innocent.

When in fact, I think he's stealing from someone else's nest and "re-purposing" the booty.

I've seen at least three different birds trying to use this birdhouse.

Oh...I don't think that's gonna fit, big guy.

Jacob & Lauren have their assignment.  At least 2 more birdhouses on their to-do lists.