Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alien Creator

I had trouble editing my previous post and couldn't upload this picture. So here is Jacob creating aliens/mermaids/gummy bears.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Jacob Wants to Live with Nana

Last week was Spring Break. On Thursday, Jacob decided he needed to have a "Nana Day." I think I needed a "Jacob Day." After getting our make-up on (I DID remove his before leaving the house) we made a trip to Wal-Mart. At the very mention of Wal-Mart, Jacob began asking if he could get a toy, and since I don't often buy him things, I agreed. We wandered up and down the toy aisles, trying to make the perfect choice. He was very particular and finally decided on a Play Doh Alien Maker. As I bought groceries, he had many suggestions, and I gave in to Trix, Whoppers, and Bubble Gum. Lunch was at McDonalds, then back home to make aliens. Whenever the Play Doh comes out, he insists on Nana performing major feats of sculptured art. As long as he thinks I make the best elephant in the world....I'll keep making elephants. It was a pretty warm day, so after a couple of hours of alien-creating, we spent some time in the sand box, then came inside for an afternoon snack of Trix. Jacob watched cartoons while I shoveled cereal into his open mouth. Trix are very crunchy, and Jacob said, (eyes glued to the TV) "my teeth are fast, Nana." Saturday night, Jeremy, Trista, Jacob and Lauren came for a visit. Jacob informed his Momma and Daddy that he wanted to live with Nana. Why wouldn't he?

Saturday, March 22, 2008


One of God's greatest gifts is relationship. Old friends are the best friends, and we had the pleasure of spending time with some of them last night. These friendships go back almost 30 years, to the Park Plaza days of Sunday night pizza, church softball league and summer weekend campouts. Todd and Lisa Shilts moved to Wisconsin over 20 years ago, but our friendship has never waned. We have made trips to the north, they've made trips back south and at times we've met in between. Distance has not diminished our ability to support each other through many trials. Although Jim and Martha Sullivan are still in Tulsa, we don't see them on a regular basis since we no longer attend the same church. But this year has been a double blessing in BSF as Martha and I are in the same discussion group. Now I get to see her every week! Gary and Janell Huntsman live in Edmond now, but Janell and I manage to get together quite often. We love to travel together and met in Shreveport for a girls' weekend while I was living in Baton Rouge. Once, we made a trip to San Antonio, just because there was a price war going on with the airlines and we got cheap tickets. Our most recent venture was our trip last year to Las Vegas. Last night Jim and Martha hosted us for dinner at their gorgeous home. The evening was beautiful as we sat outdoors on their patio next to a roaring fire and reminisced, laughed and caught up on all the family news until late into the night (that's about 10:30 for us now that we're all getting so much older!).

Friday, March 14, 2008

"Made of Honor"

Last night Jeff had the honor of standing up with his friend Carrie at her wedding. They've been friends since 7th grade and are more like brother and sister. She asked him to be her "Maid of Honor" promising not to make him wear a chartreuse, floor-length gown with puffy sleeves. He was a little worried that he'd have to walk down the aisle arm-in-arm with the Best Man, but instead he walked the female minister to her position, then took his place with the bridesmaids and flower girls.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Ten List

After being "tagged" several weeks ago, I not only listed random facts about myself, but it inspired me to also write about memories and now, the top 5 places I've seen or want to see. So I'm breaking it down into two lists.

Top Five Places I've Seen (in no particular order)

1. Niagara Falls--growing up near the Falls, I can't count how many times I've been there. But it never gets old. I began a tradition with my first niece, Heather, who we took to Canada when she was 13. When Morgan turned 13, I took her, then Chelsea when she was 13. (Stormi will be my last -- 4 years from now since my niece on MY side LIVES in Canada.) Morgan was the first to talk me into riding the Maid of the Mist to the base of the Falls. I'm so glad she did, because even though it is amazing from any perspective, the sheer power of the Falls can't be felt until you're right below them.

2. Great Britain--England/Scotland--Brighton Beach, the Castles, the Cathedrals, the history, the pubs (best fish & chips in the world), Stonehenge, Bed & Breakfasts, Bath, the Lake District, St. Andrews, the North Sea, Dunnottar Castle, Loch Ness, the English countryside, the highlands in Scotland, LONDON!, the Changing of the Guard--did we really do all that in 10 days?!?! I would love to do it all over again.

3. The Big Apple--Manhattan, Times Square, Shows on Broadway (we saw Fiddler on the Roof), Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, United Nations, Trump Tower, Rockefeller Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Empire State Building. I Heart NY!

4. Jamaica and Grand Cayman--I'll lump these together since they are my favorite destinations on a Caribbean Cruise. The beaches, the sunshine, the relaxation. Sounds really good right now. Just say the word and I'm on the boat.

5. Baton Rouge/New Orleans--we spent two years living in Baton Rouge and it was two of the best years of my life. Southern Louisiana is like a different country. History, plantations, sugar cane, cajun food, architecture, swamps, live oaks, cajun food, party atmosphere, gators, Mardi Gras, cajun food, great people, warm winter, spanish moss, cajun food. I miss it.
Top Five Places I Want to See:
1. Israel
2. Rome/Paris -- maybe in same trip?
3. Cape Cod
4. Hawaii
5. Western Canada (Vancouver) / Alaska -- same trip?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sick Days

For the second day in a row, Jacob has needed some TLC. After a trip to Urgent Care on Sunday, and a diagnosis of strep, he was started on antibiotic. Yesterday, he still didn't feel good so he came to my house. Although he wasn't as "high energy" as usual, he seemed to be on the mend. He did what I call "quiet things" like puzzles, books, viewmaster. I've debated about describing one of our conversations, and decided it's just too good not have in the Blevins' memoirs.

Nana: "I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be back in a minute."
Jacob: "I'll come wif you."
(Obvious action takes place.)
Jacob: "Nana, you pee-peein'?"
Nana: "Yep, but I think I have to poop."
Jacob walks to the door way, then pokes his head back in and holds up one hand--palm facing me. "Just relax, Nana."
Good advice.

Today, Jacob felt even worse than yesterday. Throwing up and diarrhea last night. He didn't even ask for toys this morning, just went straight to the couch and spent most of the day sleeping. Trista took him to the doctor this afternoon and he thinks its a virus...on top of the strep. Poor baby.

I Feel Pretty

When Trista shared these pictures, the song I Feel Pretty kept playing over and over in my head. Is that from My Fair Lady? I picture Audrey Hepburn singing it. Anyway...Lauren spent close to an hour in front of the mirror, blow drying her hair. She's such a girly girl.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun Friday

Jeremy and Trista went to the Home & Garden Show Friday night while I watched the kids. When I'm at their house, it's pretty much non-stop play. They both want my undivided attention and we go from one toy/game/puzzle to the next like there's no tomorrow. Lauren is getting very independent and thought her world had come to an end when I had the nerve to try to spoon feed her a bowl of Cheerios. Jacob, on the other hand, wanted me to feed him so that he could watch SpongeBob without interruption. Lauren is also into dressing herself. She pulled a shirt out of Jacob's backpack (she was even saying "ba__ pa__") then proceeded to put the shirt on....legs in the sleeves. She walked around holding up the shirt, trying not to trip. Jacob only had one meltdown, when we had a dispute over the Power Rangers DVD. He indignantly "pushed the button" to turn off the TV and said, "Nana, you not my best fwend," then sat down in his chair to pout (and of course, I had to capture the moment with the camera). About two minutes later, he called out to me, "Naaanaaaa, I pushed the button.......and I not mean anymore!"

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ernie Taught Me Well

Somehow I knew that all those mornings watching Sesame Street with Jacob would pay off some day. Tuesday, on my way to Bible study, I was listening to XM Talk Radio (I know--sure sign of senioritis) and the show on Oprah & Friends was a repeat. I switched to Broadminded but, as is sometimes the case, they were getting a little crude. I switched again, but instead of hitting the "channel" button, I hit the "mode" button (so confusing) and ended up on FM----KBEZ to be exact. Nothing against Easy Listening, just not my usual preference. Bob Cooper was "guest hosting" the show.....stay with me all comes together in the end. They were getting ready for a contestant call-in to win tickets to Sesame Street Live, which Jacob and I went to a couple of years ago. The caller had to know the last line of Ernie's Rubber Ducky song and I thought, "I know the Rubber Ducky Song." So I grabbed my phone and started dialing. Busy...again...busy....again....busy. I kept redialing. Amazingly I got through. The catch---not only did I have to KNOW it, I had to SING it!!!! Singing is not a gift that God saw fit to give me. get to the point. I, DID, in fact, sing the last line, "Rubber Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you." Yeah!!! Winner!!!! Family 4-pack to Sesame Street Live. Now to the Bob Cooper connection. The only other time I won anything on the radio was about 20 years ago when a country station was giving away a "black box" filled with prizes. The contest went on for weeks, as people tried to guess the contents according to clues given throughout the day. One morning I called in while, guess who?, Bob Cooper was hosting the show. He must be my lucky charm. That time I won a trip to Cancun, cash (pesos) to spend on the trip, a VCR (big deal 20 years ago), a CD player (bigger deal 20 years ago), 10 CDs of my choice, 9 videos of my choice, and a personalized K95FM jacket. (No, I don't listen to Country anymore.) So, "Thank you, Ernie, thank you Jacob, and thank you Bob Cooper."

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Saturday, March 1, was my 52nd birthday. That's sort of painful to say out loud. Lots of things are painful these days. But I had the best day! Neal and I met at Summers Mill Retreat and Conference Center at Belton, Texas on Friday. See, I share "my" day with two of my favorite people, whose anniversary is also that day. Bill and Alma Bunting have been a major force in my life since about 1964, when our families met in Lubbock while Bill and Dad were attending Sunset School of Preaching. Together, we moved to St. Thomas, Ontario in 1966 to establish a church in that community. Too many great memories to even begin trying to list them. There was almost no distinction between the Smiths and Buntings, as we seemed to be one big family, leaning on, struggling with, enjoying and celebrating with each other. Alma's cancer has returned with a vengeance. But this weekend was all about celebrating their 50th anniversary. They have been blessed for the past 10 years managing the Retreat Center, which is located in a beautiful part of Texas, half-way between Waco and Austin. What great fellowship we enjoyed with Bill & Alma, my parents, the Bunting girls, Julie & Tammy, Alma's niece, Connie, and Phyllis Kirkland, one of the charter members of our tiny church in St. Thomas, and another big influence on my life. God granted us gorgeous weather and we spent our entire Saturday outdoors....I have a bit of a sunburn, but good ol' Mom had her trusty little jar of aloe vera. Neal and I managed to spend some alone time, taking a long walk Friday evening and flint rock on Saturday. Just before bed, my day ended with a phone call from Jacob singing Happy Birthday. "Happy burday to youuuuu, happy burday TO youuuu, happy BURRRDAYYYY to yooouuuuu, Naannaaa, happy burrrddaayyy to yooouuuuuu!" Then he proceeded to tell me about a "burday present" and "burday party" and "turn off the lights and say Happy Burday"....."would that be fun, Nana?" Perfect ending to a perfect day.