Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Collage

I'm starting to think Facebook is replacing the "blog."  After all, when you post something, everyone who has friended you sees it whether they want to or not.  And then there's the almost instantaneous feedback.  But since I publish my blog annually to hardcopy, I must post at least some pictures of our 2010 Christmas, before this goes to print.  Believe me, it's easier than scrapbooking.

Hope everyone's Christmas was filled with joy and that 2011 will be filled with wonderful blessings.

Christmas morning.
Wearing new pj's from Great Grandma & Grandpa Smith.

Lauren feeding her new baby.

Jacob's dragon castle?

Giving baby a shot.  If you ask me, this doll is more trouble than a real baby!

Jeremy tending the fire.

Maybe this bottle will keep her from crying.
Whatcha got sis?

Neal's typical "conversing" face.

Jeremy & Trista at Grandma & Grandpa Blevins'.

Heather and Taylor

Green money!!!!

Opening gifts from the Blevins' aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents.

The newlyweds.

Neal and Gary looking on.

Mass chaos.  A Blevins tradition.

Kenny & Leslie.

You'd think since I can review all my photos on my camera, I'd make sure and get pictures of everyone.   Live and learn.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Is this pitiful or what?

Even when my boys were toddlers, I had a prettier tree than this.

I've moved the unbreakable ornaments to the top half of the tree.   Total waste of time.  The kitties just keep climbing higher to get the one they want.

Can't plug in the lights, for fear of making this a bonafide Griswold Christmas.

*Sigh*  Maybe next year.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Trip Down Under

Not Australia.  Not even close.

Who's bright idea was it to insulate the crawl space?  Okay, it was mine.  But the plan was for NEAL to do the work.  However......due to an incident a couple of weeks ago, when he actually started the job but got stuck between two pipes (not laughing here)...the task would not be completed without my help.  Oh--believe me--I tried to get out of it.  Pleading, whining, faking illness, using the art of distraction.  Nothing worked.  It was inevitable.  I was going under the house.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience.  Eighteen inches of wiggle room--at the entrance--it narrowed from there.  Army crawling over cinder blocks, rocks, random pipe and some sort of liquid--not really sure what that was, but it didn't smell good.  Banging my head on the same beam THREE TIMES.  And seeing how this house is actually propped up on stacks of blocks, bricks, rocks and boards.  If a house is only as good as it's foundation, we're in big trouble.

I only broke down and sobbed uncontrollably ONCE--but it lasted several hours minutes.  And that was enough for Neal to say, "as soon as we get this place payed off, we're bulldozing this house." to my ears.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Christmas Spirit

This is exactly what I was afraid of.

scoffman (you know who you are) scoffed at me for considering a tree-less Christmas because of the kittens.

Fortunately, I trimmed the tree with all unbreakable ornaments.

And they have learned to fear this:

Thanks, Janet, for the lesson on Cat Discipline.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just 112 Days

Yes, I know.  Only 24 shopping days til Christmas.

But can you believe there's something even more deserving of a countdown calendar?

Tulsa Workshop begins on March 23!!!!  (Formerly known as the International Soulwinning Workshop.)


It's better than Christmas.

Four days of heaven on earth.

It's like a spiritual booster shot.  Required annually.

Last year my bff and I, who both live in a Tulsa suburb, booked a hotel for the occasion.  No distractions.  No laundry pile calling our names.  No meals to plan or cook.  No dust-covered end tables  begging for a Swiffer.  If we could only give up those dad-gum cell phones for 3 days, it would be perfect.  Maybe we'll work up to that.  Maybe not.

"Let the Chains Fall Away" is this year's theme.  If that doesn't rattle your chains, surely a preview of the list of speakers will.  Randy Harris (my hero...I love him...I want to marry him...except I'm already married...moving on...), Rick Atchley, Jeff Walling--just to name a few.

Go to Terry Rush's blog this morning to get a glimpse of what's new on the program this year.  Tell him I sent you and receive a free copy of his latest book.  Ha!  Just kidding.  I get carried away.

So.  When Christmas is over, you won't find me suffering from the "after-holidays blues."  I'll be counting down to the big one!