Saturday, January 12, 2013

Resolution #3: Get Organized / Get Rid of Stuff

And by that, I mean throw away old receipts.  Like from April 27, 2010.  I'm serious.

This morning, I tackled two dresser drawers.  This stresses me out, 'cause I go through periods of tossing Hallmark cards, but when I start reading some that I've saved it makes me all sentimental and like, I'll never throw away an anniversary card ever again!

Which brings me to today's project.  I've had an envelope in my drawer for, ummm, about 23 years, give or take.  Inside are strips, bits and pieces of torn paper.  I'll never forget the day I tucked that envelope away.

It was around Mother's Day, and it was about the time my sweet oldest child transitioned from perfect child to Damien from The Omen.

I found the torn paper in his room and tried to fit some of the pieces together, but all I could make out was that it was a "Mother's Day Assignement" at school.  Suffice it to say, he was really ticked off at me that day.  And every day for the next eight years.

I vowed to "some day" piece the puzzle together and see what he had originally written.

So that's what I've been doing most of the morning.

Page 1:

Draw a picture of your mother.  (He drew me smiling, so that's good.)

Write a paragraph explaining how you can keep your own mother happy.  Always obeying her and doing what she tells you to do.

List three things you do that make Mother unhappy.  how could you solve each of these problems?
1.  Flushing the tolet.  Start flushing the tolet.  (I'm still really OCD about this.)
2.  Cleaning room.  Keep it clean.
3.  Not doing homework.  Doing it right when I get home. (Yeah, that never happened.)

Page 2:

Use your imagination to tell what would happen in your home if your mother...

...had a magic wand.  She would fix all her problems in one second.

...won a million dollars in a television contest.  Buy a mini van and a porsh.

...found a black kitten in a basket on the doorstep.  She would keep it.

...could take a trip to any place in the world she wanted to go.  She would go to Jamaca.

...had a chance to go to the moon.  She wouldn't go.  (Ya wanna bet?)

...baked a magic cake.  She would let all the family including her eat it.

...could buy you any present you'd like.  It would be an computer.

Page 3:

Write a paragraph telling something special about your mother.

She allways takes time to spend with my brother and I.  And always gives us nice gifts.
I love you mom!!!!!


Jeremy turned 35 yesterday.  I hope to goodness he has learned to flush the toilet.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Breaking Resolution #1

New Year's Resolution #1:  Less Whining

That one's about to be broken right now.

Is there no end to football?

I actually like football.  I can get an awesome Sunday afternoon nap when the game's on.

But the "bowl season" just about does me in.  Forget any meaningful conversations with the hubster.  "Wonder who won the ______ Bowl?"  "What time does the ________ Bowl start?"  "When does OSU play?"  "Peterson just needs 9 more yards to beat the record."
I. Don't. Care.


Last night I enjoyed a brief hiatus since OKC Thunder was playing basketball. :)  I'll take what I can get.

On a positive note, I am keeping Resolution #2:  Take at least one photograph a day.