Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've taken advantage of my new "senior status" twice now.  Discount admission into Jacob's t-ball game and ordering from the Senior Menu at IHOP.  Neither time was I asked for proof.  Bummer.

Although Sophie is my mouse-catcher, I've decided she's all braun and no brain.  On a cold morning, while Stella is cuddled up on my comfy bed...

Sophie is in the cold, hard bathtub.

I have a handy-man in my guest bath right now.  (Didn't think he'd appreciate me capturing the moment on camera.)  In an old house, you always assume that what should be a quick fix will become a major project.  But in this case--just the opposite.  I feel like it's Christmas!

I love it when my son calls me in the middle of the day asking me to pray. Yeah, it usually means there's a potential crisis of one kind or another, but it also means that he knows Who is in control, and that I talk to Him often.

What happened to Spring?  I'm really over this 40-degree weather already!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jacob Was Here

I'd been wondering why the cats had recently been so intrigued with the lamp.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Texas Again

Good news.  I did not get pulled over by the highway patrol yesterday.

Bad news.  I pulled myself over twice, 'cause I was convinceed I was having a heart attack.  You tell me.  Crushing pain in my chest and between my shoulder blades.  Radiating pain in left arm.  Pain in both jaws.  Shortness of breath. Classic signs, right?  I mean, I'm not a doctor, but my nephew is, so that counts.

What to do, what to do?  Pulled off the road the first time trying to catch my breath and relax.  Second time was to ask my GPS for directions to the nearest hospital.  Nineteen miles to a hospital in Crockett.  Okay God, if this is NOT a heart attack, please make my symptoms subside before I'm at the crossroads and have to commit to a lengthy delay at a small town ER.  At the very last moment (over an hour into the pain) my symptoms eased up.  If that's not an answer to prayer, I don't know what is.  Thank you, Lord!

On a lighter note, I am LOVING this place in Texas.  Janet, we seriously need to explore our idea for the summer.

This is the spot I have saved for you and Joe.  Number 257.

There are only a few of these hot-tub spaces left, so don't dilly-dally.  I don't know how long they'll hold it for you.

This is the view from #257.

When the kids come to visit, they can stay in one of these:

The grandkids can:

...swim in the family pool

leaving the adult pool and hot tub for us  (Although you'll have your own hot tub if you act quickly.)

play some hoops

or just swing, within eye and ear shot of our trailer.

Last night we chowed down on boiled crawfish, shrimp, sausage, corn, and mushrooms at The Crawfish Shack.  Ayeeeeeee!  

Note to self:  Never wear your favorite white shirt to eat crawfish.

Despite the fact that it's Spring Break, and the place was packed with college kids, and it allows it's patrons to byob (in large coolers, no less), and we had to share a table with said was a fabulous evening.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Play

In this technological age, where a sleepover at Nana's includes: 

Jacob bringing his personal iPod Touch...

...and Lauren bringing her pink DS...

...and fighting over my Apple...

It's nice to know their imagination can still be captured by the Masters of the Universe...

...and Bratz...

...and that it's even more fun together.


Thursday, March 03, 2011


Since Day 1 of acquiring my kittens, the objective has been to adapt them to the outdoors.  Being in the country, I've had to wait until they were big enough to sort of defend themselves.  The Vet suggested approximately 5 months old, which conveniently coincides with the perfect time for spaying.  He also advised a gradual exposure to the outdoors at increasing doses.  Easier said than done.  They are terrified of stepping foot out the door.  Well....Stella is getting a little braver, but clearly prefers the safety and warmth of the house.
We'll just enjoy the outdoors from the indoors...thank you very much.

Today, they were both spayed.  I dropped them off on my way to work and picked them up on my way home.  Correction.  I picked Stella up.  Sophie, my cuddly, affectionate, loving ball of fluff shall now be called, "Sybil."  Everyone in the animal clinic--staff, patients and owners--were horrified at the sounds coming from the back room.  She went ballistic if someone even looked at her.  Um.  Let's just leave her here overnight.  No charge.

They gave me all the post-op instructions.  Pain meds for the next two days.  Offer food and water tonight, but don't be surprised is she doesn't eat.  Give her a warm, quiet place to stay.  Okay.  I think I've got it.

As soon as we got home, Stella went right to her food dish and chowed down.  Then she found her favorite "tiger tail" and played awhile.

She's now resting comfortably in my lap, purring away.  Tomorrow morning we'll pick up Sybil Sophie and try it again.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Don't You Just Love Birthdays?

To all my FB friends, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes.  Although I have to say, it's a bit overwhelming.  When I send FB birthday greetings, I don't anticipate or require any reply or acknowledgement, but for some reason I feel the need to comment on each and every one sent my way. Well, that didn't happen, so consider this a big blanket of gratitude.

My 4-yr-old granddaughter sang "Happy Birthday" to me over the phone.  Oh how sweet the sound!  She was curious if I was going to have a party.  I LOVE IT.  Life IS a party!

My thoughtful husband called to tell me that on his way to work he was driving 55 mph and saw 5 black cows and 5 white cows and he suddenly remembered it was my 55th birthday.  He's such a weirdo.

But back to my age.  It hit me on Sunday, when they announced the St. Patrick's Day Banquet for Seniors.  Not High School Seniors.  Senior seniors.  Underscoring it with "those who are 55 and older."  Seriously?!  Am I actually now lumped into the same group as Edra and Homer?

This cake appeared on my desk mid-morning.  

Which, as you can imagine, was a little disconcerting.  It was brought to me by Scott W.  Which in itself could easily explain the oddity.  Later, Daniel P. came in to apologize for said cake.  Meanwhile, I happened to look at the expiration date on the box--February 25. Finally, I got the low-down from Barbara who explained about donations to the food pantry when bakery items passed their expiration date.  Oh great.  I've taken a perfectly good vampire cake right out of the mouth of some low-income, deserving tween who may have shared a birthday with me.  

After work, Janet and I did our 30 minutes of cardio before heading out to my birthday dinner.  We get in a lot of words while running walking on the treadmill.  You know you're getting old when most of the conversation centers around sleep patterns, daily menus, new aches, and regularity. Believe me, you need a good friend to talk to about these things.

Dinner at Olive Garden with great friends topped off my day.  We actually spent over two hours there, and not because of slow service, but because it was so relaxing and fun...and rare.  I threatened to include "Best Quotes of the Night" in my blog today, but since two of us are church secretaries, I think I'll refrain.

Now I'm off to try out my Senior Discount at IHOP.  If they know what's good for 'em, they'll ask for my I.D.