Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've taken advantage of my new "senior status" twice now.  Discount admission into Jacob's t-ball game and ordering from the Senior Menu at IHOP.  Neither time was I asked for proof.  Bummer.

Although Sophie is my mouse-catcher, I've decided she's all braun and no brain.  On a cold morning, while Stella is cuddled up on my comfy bed...

Sophie is in the cold, hard bathtub.

I have a handy-man in my guest bath right now.  (Didn't think he'd appreciate me capturing the moment on camera.)  In an old house, you always assume that what should be a quick fix will become a major project.  But in this case--just the opposite.  I feel like it's Christmas!

I love it when my son calls me in the middle of the day asking me to pray. Yeah, it usually means there's a potential crisis of one kind or another, but it also means that he knows Who is in control, and that I talk to Him often.

What happened to Spring?  I'm really over this 40-degree weather already!

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