Saturday, August 04, 2012

This post has no main point whatsoever.

I had a major time warp moment at work on Thursday.  I typed (do we still call it typing?) the time 11:00.  But I used two "L's" for the ones.  ll:00.  How wierd is that?  (Most of you will have no idea what I'm talking about.  Go back to your iPads.)

My right toric contact lens has a miniscule line to indicate which "side" goes on the bottom.  If I could actually see that line, I wouldn't need contacts.

I seriously think I could not survive without kitchen scissors.  The words "Easy Open Package" are my clue to reach for the scissors.

I know my Pharmacy phone number AND all the option numbers by heart.  Is that bad?

This is funny.  My "Lita & Janet" salt & pepper shakers have been sitting in my window for several months.  "Lita's" hair has turned a slight shade of green.  LITA--STAY OUT OF THE POOL, GIRLFRIEND!  (Obviously a bleach blonde.)

This is not funny.

I'm afraid we may lose this tree to the drought.

Our entire state seems to be on fire.  Neighboring communities are being ordered to evacuate.  Many have already lost their homes.  There are pleas for donations of clothing, so I started purging my closet and drawers.  It's amazing how much you realize you don't need when others have lost everything.

About 30 minutes after I took the picture above, I was scrolling through FB and saw several posts about praying for rain.  Well...of course we've all been praying for rain, but I decided to stop and really, truly, whole-heartedly pray for rain.  Almost immediately, like within 60 seconds, I heard what sounded like thunder.  Walked out onto the deck and felt the wind change, heard large drops hitting the roof and witnessed the most beautiful downpour ever.  It was kindof an Elijah moment....know what I mean? I dropped to my knees and cried like a baby.  

Okay, I've totally switched gears through the course of writing this post.  The smoke has given me a massive headache, and I'm having trouble focusing.  Please don't try to follow my train of thought.  It could be hazardous to your health.