Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something is Horribly Wrong

My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning. Tuesday morning--Boot Camp. I've been subjecting myself to this torture since the first of January. Smiley never runs out of new ways to inflict pain. Last week, we did several drills of army crawling...on carpet. This is what all of our elbows still look like.

Hello, short-sleeve season.

Tuesday is my long day. Boot Camp at 5:30 a.m., then off to work, then back to the gym to warm up for Zumba at 5:30 p.m. I considered blowing off Zumba today, but a sweet lady brought me a piece of Derby pie. Seriously. Have you ever had Derby pie?

Skipping Zumba was not an option.

Enjoyment equals suffering. Something is horribly wrong with this picture.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop the Madness!!!

The last couple of days I've really had a sweet tooth....

I know...understatement.

Baked a Braum's frozen cherry pie yesterday. Mmmmmmm! Have you ever had anything from Braum's that was NOT delicious? The crust was perfect, although the cherries were a little tart. Good thing I had Braum's Homestyle Vanilla ice cream to counteract the tartness.

Today I made P-dub's homemade cinnamon rolls. HOLY COW! These babies are heaven on a plate! I have never tasted ANYTHING this yummy! And yes, I know I just typed 3 sentences in a row that end in an exclamation point! Now four.

I need something to blame this on. Maybe it's because I'm out of VeggieSnax.

I'm on a sugar rush joy ride. Somebody stop me!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

Alice in Wonderland - IMAX - 3D
(loved watching him reach out to catch the images flying at us)

Power nap after movie.

Looking for tadpoles. Still too early methinks.

Enjoying the fresh country air.

"Nana, there's prolly tadpoles out there...go see."

Monday, March 08, 2010


I am addicted to these...

and these...

But my problem doesn't end there. I discovered them--okay, Neal discovered them--in Corpus Christi. When I returned from my trip last month, I smuggled as many containers as I could fit into my suitcase. When Neal called last week to say he was coming home, I screamed, "Yay! Bring back some of the good stuff," which he did. But now, the stash is dwindling and to make matters worse, I've gotten my entire Small Group hooked. I mean, last night, I couldn't focus due to my fixation on the fingers that kept reaching into the Okra Snax bowl!

If you know a dealer in my area, please leave me a comment. Here's what they look like...

Hi. My name is Lita, and I'm a VeggiSnaxaholic.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Welcome Home

The deer population is definitely happy to have Neal back. Yesterday, just about sundown, we counted 14 ravenous whitetails behind the house.

When the Great White Hunter is away, his wife (me) doesn't do a very good job of keeping the feeder filled. So it didn't take long for word to spread that "he's back and there's corn again." What they don't understand is...I'm on their side. You see, Mr. Buck and Mrs. Doe, it's all a trick. He's baiting you, I tell ya. Come October, you'll wish you had taken a hint from me and stayed far, far away.