Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The dogs were AWOL again yesterday. There was a reported sighting by the neighbor behind us early on and he managed to capture George and return him to our yard, but Gracie was able to give him the slip. It wasn't long before George had escaped again. We have a sneaking suspicion he has found a girlfriend. Jeff and I drove around, following the sounds of barking, but to no avail. (FYI--Deer Run has more dogs than people and most are pit bull/doberman mixes--don't go there to trick-or-treat.) An APB was issued and all we could do was hope that they had seen The Incredible Journey and taken good notes. Fast forward to 5:00 p.m. Jeff called me to report that our neighbor had called him. He and his wife were driving south on 97 and happened to catch a glimpse of two wagging tails on a side road. They pulled over and corralled the fugitives until I could get there for the transfer. Yes, I had to put them in my NEW Honda Pilot and pray that George wouldn't puke (as is his custom) on the way home. God answered that plea and the dogs were sentenced indefinitely to the pen, without bail, until we can survey the entire perimeter of the fence. Bad dogs! Bad, bad dogs!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lauren's Turn

I've written about my conversations with Jacob, but wanted to give Lauren equal time as she is beginning to say words as well. Her vocabulary consists of: uh-oh, thank you, peek-a-boo, bye-bye, mama, dada, and doggie. Maybe more, I'm not sure. Of course, not all her words are pronounced perfectly, but you know what she's saying. If you ask her a question to which the answer is affirmative, she nods her head so dramatically that she almost topples over. I had the pleasure of spending the night with her and Jeremy last night. Trista was on a business trip and Jacob had decided to stay with his other grandmother (what?! give up a chance to be with Nana??!!). Jeremy wanted to go hunting early this morning, so it was me and Lauren. This is my chance to experience what I missed by not having a daughter. It's like playing dolls--giving her a bath, browsing through her infinite selection of clothes and deciding what she should wear. Choosing a bow that would sort of match (I was never good at accessorizing). Fun stuff. After our breakfast date with Janet, we came back to my house for playtime and nap.

Jeremy was saying how different Lauren and Jacob are. Simply put her in the crib and she quietly drifts off to sleep. If she fusses a little during the night, no problem, she goes right back to sleep. Wakeup time is also pleasant, as she will play and talk in her bed until someone comes to get her. Very unlike Jacob, who required being rocked into a deep, comatose-like sleep and gingerly placed in bed, or allowed to wail for an hour before finally resorting to the "co-sleeping" arrangement. I have to wonder, are the kids that different, or are they parenting differently? Hmmmmm.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Goin' On A Bear Hunt

Okay...this is just too cute. Jacob is learning songs at preschool, and I know it's nothing extraordinary, but it is so fun to watch him grow from a baby to a little boy. I've always thought his little Oklahoma drawl was so cute and it really comes out when he sings. So here is the song he sang for me today: "Goin' on a bayer hunt, goin' on a bayer hunt, I not scayurd, I not scayurd." I know, I'm being an obnoxious grandma. Just can't help it.

He wanted to help me cook supper tonight. I let him get up on a stool to stir the chili. He said, "Nana, you makin' pizza?" "No, I'm making frito chili pie." "Mmmmmm, it's gonna be beeee-licious!"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Girls' Weekend

I spent last weekend with my sisters and Mom. This was the first time we'd planned a weekend for the girls. Our families are growing and the distance between us seems ever-widening. We had a great time shopping, eating, hot-tubbing and laughing. I think we all agreed this should be an annual event. But next year, I think we should choose a neutral destination so that my little sister doesn't have to play hostess (although she's a natural). It doesn't seem fair that she should have to cook for us and launder the linens when we leave.

After returning home late Monday night, 7:00 came way too early Tuesday morning. I actually debated whether to get up and go to BSF or stay snuggled in my warm bed for another hour or so. Fortunately, I made the right decision and was renewed and refreshed at Bible study. When I checked my messages after BSF, I found that Jeremy had been frantically trying to track me down. He and the kids were sick at home and needed Nana's helping hand. So the rest of the day was spent at their house. Jeremy immediately retreated to his bedroom and a couple of hours later Lauren was willing to nap as well. Jacob decided to take his nap in his "beshroom" but wanted me to lie next to him. Noooo problemmmmm!! Soon we were all four dead to the world. No calls today, so I hope that means everyone is on the mend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Conversations with Jacob

I picked Jacob up from preschool yesterday. When he got in the car he said, "I tired. I go to you house and watch Funbob Fwarepants and eat cantaloupe." Guess we'd better stop at Homeland and buy some cantaloupe.

Yesterday, I spent all morning cleaning house. When Jacob went into "Jeff's room" to play with his "Enigh, Enigh Joes" he said, "You cleaned the carpet! Thank you, Nana!"

JoAnn stopped by after work to visit with me and the kids. When Jeremy & Trista came, Jacob didn't want to go home. He pointed to JoAnn and said, "I go home with that!" Not too long ago, he had spent an afternoon with JoAnn and apparently they made cookies. Of course, who can resist those big blue eyes. JoAnn took him home to make cookies, after working an 8-hour day. It's funny that he referred to her as "that" since he informed me the other day that "Gwacie is a girl and George is a boy." And that "Gwacie is my best fwend," even though it's George that pays him the most attention and vice versa.

We're trying to cut back on the dairy products due to his "bowel problems" and give him more fiber. As I was cutting up his apple he said, "I need some cheese." Continuing to cut and peel, I casually said, "I don't think I have any cheese." (little white lie) Before I've finished preparing the apple, he has the grated cheese out of the frig drawer and is in the process of opening the bag. "Okay, just a little cheese to go with the apple." I'm not completely unreasonable. Besides, I usually want a little cheese with my apple, too.

Lest you think I have him totally spoiled, I had to get on to him the other day. After pouting for a few minutes he informed me, "Nana, you hurt my feelings." Oh, he's already learning to use those big blue eyes!

Monday, October 08, 2007

1st Birthday Cake

Just had to post the classic 1st birthday cake-eating pictures taken at the party on Saturday.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bittersweet Signs of Fall

Our new pool cover was installed on Thursday and the pool is now closed for the winter. *sigh* That leaves me with less "chores" and I can completely forget anything to do with the pool for the next 8 months, which is a huge relief. But I'm kinda sad, too. The last couple of weeks we've had beautiful weather, with days in the mid to high 80's. But the nights are getting chilly which has caused the water temperature to plummet and swimming all but impossible. And no, I will not pay the cost of heating a 32,000 gallon pool! I almost jumped in for one last swim on Wednesday, but couldn't get up enough nerve. The members of the Polar Bear Club have to be insane. I already miss the afternoon swims and Monday water aerobics with Janet. On the bright side, my new cover is awesome. Not only does it look nice, it is strong enough to walk across, so no worries about grandkids wandering into the pool, or uninvited wildlife moving in for the winter. And we can look forward to the Spring opening of the pool, without the dreaded weeks of leaf and debris removal. A bittersweet end to the Summer.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lauren Rebecca Blevins

Today is Lauren's first birthday. What joy this little girl has brought to our lives. I love her smile and those little dimples. She's been walking for two months, and won't let anything or anyone slow her down. She definitely has a mind of her own and believes that she is the center of the universe. She loves her brother, Jacob, and assumes that whatever he is doing or playing with is well worth her attention. While Jacob is a clone of his dad, Lauren is soooo much like her mommy--from her expressions to her strong will. Of course, she has us all wrapped around her little finger...of which she is very aware! What a blessing she has been to us. Happy Birthday, Lauren!!!!