Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cranky in Kemah

This morning I stayed home, waiting for the Cable Guy. We haven't had good cable reception since Neal got here in January. Since the majority of his time in the trailer is spent sleeping, it didn't seem to be a huge dilema. According to the Cable Guy, our problem is internal. Apparently the cable that threads "somewhere" through the wall of the trailer is defective, probably damaged by a staple or nail. No simple solution. I really haven't been much of a TV person the last couple of years, but all of a sudden it is imperative that I have a crystal clear picture on the tube. Now, we could take the 5th Wheel in to a service center and they might possibly be able to fix it. But with Neal's work schedule that is next to impossible, unless we trade vehicles and I hitch up the old wagon and take it in myself. Can you imagine me wheeling through Houston traffic with this 34' trailer behind me? Not a pretty picture. Why this makes me so irritable is a mystery. The "cable channels" including HGTV, ESPN, AMC, TNT, etc. are all watchable. The "local channels," though they are snowier, are still watchable if we use the antenna. And it's summer, for cryin' out loud, anything I did enjoy watching is now in reruns. I think it's just the idea of something not working the way it's supposed to. Obviously this is why the original owners traded it in! Maybe I'm just cranky because of the sore on my tongue from wearing that blasted retainer that I should have been rid of months ago! Any remedy for that, Dr. Torture...I mean Dr. Torchia???

Monday, June 26, 2006


RVing, I've discovered, is somewhere between camping and being trailer trash. I arrived at the world renowned Kemah RV Resort Thursday evening. Friday was spent unpacking and rearranging "our home" to make room for some of MY things, and of course, there was much cleaning to do, though Neal insisted he had cleaned in preparation for my arrival. Pooped from unpacking, cleaning and the daily trip to Wal-Mart, dinner "out" was in order. Later I watched a little TV while listening to Neal slam doors and complain that he couldn't find anything. Sorry honey, there's two of us here now. Saturday I called my friend, Karrie, to see if she wanted to go to the gym with me. I'm used to working out with my partner, Janet, and I dreaded going it alone. Karrie agreed to meet me there, and I have to say, it was a humbling experience. I really thought I was in good shape--not just good shape for my age--but GOOD SHAPE. Talk about bursting my bubble! Now, arguably, Karrie is the age of my youngest son, but PLEASE! The rest of the day was spent soaking my sore muscles in the pool. No, it was not refreshing! This is South Texas in the summer! I've suggested to the Park Manager that a truckload of ice each day for the pool would be a nice amenity. She just laughed. I wasn't joking. Since my ego had taken a bashing at the gym, we opted for dinner out again. (This part I could get used to.) Sunday was Neal's day off, woo hoo! We usually go to League City Church of Christ, but I had done some internet surfing and wanted to try Clear Lake. Wow! What a wonderful congregation. Good cooks too! We stayed for the Visitor's Lunch (why start cooking yet?). They have a different group each week prepare a pot luck, and this group was referred to by one man as the "Old Folks". Sadly, we fit right in. We went to Lowe's Sunday afternoon and bought a charcoal grill. I guess Neal thinks it's time I start cooking. Today I went to the gym by myself. I'll have to work up my courage to go with Karrie again. Took care of some business--like scheduling the cable guy to come see why we're not getting good reception--that's the trailer trash part, not the camping part. Made yet another trip to Wal-Mart...good thing it's only a mile or so down the road. Have some steaks marinating to grill tonight and yes, took another dip in the oversized bathtub they call a pool. And did I mention it's really hot and humid here? The smart "snowbirds" have gone back up north for the summer, but we are spending the summer on the Gulf Coast!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

At the Park

School is out, so Jeff was home for the week last week. Friday we took Jacob to the park. The last time I had taken him, he was dying to get wet in the water play area, but we weren't prepared with swim suit or swimmie diaper. So I made sure to have everything we needed for him to run and play in the water this time. Wouldn't you know, he didn't want to have ANYTHING to do with getting wet this time, even though the temperature was in the 90's. Here are some pics of the the "wild man" playing on the equipment and sulking by the water.