Friday, December 23, 2005

Master Baker

Because of my braces, I was very limited to what holiday treats I could eat last Christmas. So of course, I was salivating at the mere thought of English Toffee, Fudge with Nuts, Naneimo Bars, etc., etc. Anxious to get the holidays started, I began with English Toffee--one of my very favorites. Now, you have to know, I have made this recipe almost every year of my married life (29 years next week). I stood over the hot stove, stirring and stirring and stirring, for what seemed like an eternity. The toffee is supposed to turn from pale yellow to a beautiful carmel color, then you know it's done. After a good 25 to 30 minutes...still yellow. At this point, the candy is beginning to follow the spoon around the pan and I'm positive that it must be done. Alas, undercooked! It's not crunchy. On to the next delectable treat. Determined NOT to undercook the fudge, I give it a few extra minutes for good measure. Alas, overcooked! Not creamy, more or less crystalized. Mind you, I am still going to eat these flops, because I can! (No braces, woohoo!) I'm happy to report that the Naneimo Bars turned out perfectly. There is still hope for my culinary skills. I always think of my good friend, Joe, when I make Naneimo Bars. Joe, if you're in the area for the holidays, stop by and I'll give you a Naneimo Bar!

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