Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bad Year

This has been a bad year for me physically. For the first time since my kids were small, I have met and exceeded my insurance deductible and will probably have enough medical bills to get a deduction on my taxes. Besides all the typical 50 year old female problems and the surgery in August, I've had a number of other ailments. It started with tennis elbow/tendonitis in my right elbow. Then, probably due to overcompensating and favoring that arm, it soon moved to my left elbow. A few months ago my right shoulder began to bother me and steadily got worse. I finally made a doctor's appointment and found that I have a bone spur. Likely more surgery to come. Then yesterday, after my first "real" workout since surgery, I decided to reconnect my dryer hose that had partially come loose. My laundry niche is very tight and I had to climb over washer and dryer to gain access. That went fairly smoothly. But getting back out was a different story. I hoisted myself up over the machines only to come down HARD on the corner of the dryer--right on my tail bone! I'm sure it's cracked, but also pretty sure there is nothing that a doctor can do for it. So...I'm handicapped again!!! Someone needs to just put me in a padded room. I'm a walking disaster!


jessica said...

Oh Lita! You poor thing. I broke my tail bone on the ice several years ago. Not fun! I hate to say it but I still ache back there when the weather changes.

Andrea said...

It sounds like you have had an interesting couple of months! You need to tell Neal to take you on another vacation! That would help some of your problems...right?!
Miss you guys!