Friday, September 28, 2007

Fair Days

Time again for the Tulsa State Fair. It's been years since I've gone, but when Jeremy asked me today if I wanted to join his family for an afternoon at the Fair, it sounded like fun. First order of business was FOOD...the absolute, indisputable, BEST part of the Fair. Anything fried on a stick will do. Jacob, our picky eater, opted for the safe popcorn chicken, but I don't think he figured on sharing with Lauren, our "I'll eat anything you're eating" eater. Those stroller seats are just too close to keep the little fingers at bay. We looked all over for the mini-cini rolls, but no luck. No problem, we'll just go on to the fun stuff.

After feeding and petting the animals at the Petting Zoo, Jacob couldn't wait any longer to get on the rides. Mommy and Daddy steered him toward the kiddie rides, but he was determined to steer them to the more adventurous ones. He agreed to begin on the less-scary "Big Trucks" and Dragon roller coaster, but soon moved on to the high-flying planes, the BIG roller coaster (which even made Mommy scream) and the Sky Ride.

While Jacob was getting his thrills on the rides, Lauren took advantage of the opportunity to catch a little nap.

Jacob konked out on the way home.

Nana konked out as soon as she got home!


Jennifer said...

Lauren is getting so big as she stands to look at the animals! I love the fair food too as we went TWO days this year. Once with kids and once without;)

BFF Janet said...

Where's the picture of Nana konking out? I would loved to see that. Do you look anything like Jacob?!

Lita said...

Just like Jacob, only without the sword in my lap!