Monday, February 27, 2006


Just a little diversion from the Cruise. Yesterday was such a spiritually encouraging day. One of our men who has been sporadic in attendance and absent in involvement for the past several years led the first three songs of our service. In our "Forever Family" curriculum, we have been studying about and filling out questionnaires on gift assessment. David stated yesterday that he used to lead singing and with the recent studies decided he wasn't using his gift. He was very nervous to be leading on a Sunday morning, and wanted to begin with just the 3 songs, then let our regular leader take over. He did an amazing job. Our guest speaker for the morning was a man who attended Sand Springs for 7 years, as a pew warmer on the back row. A couple of years ago he and his family moved away, and now he has decided to attend East Tennessee School of Preaching. In the pulpit, he admitted his embarassment for the 7 years he was a "deadbeat" (his word) at Sand Springs and his commitment to his goal of spreading the gospel. He was such an exciting speaker and will make a dynamic gospel preacher.

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