Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Terrible Two's?

Jacob is not quite 20 months old but I think the terrible two's are beginning. I have a different perspective of this stage since my own sons were there. I used to believe it was "terrible" for the parents, and anyone else having to tolerate this toddler transition. But with Jacob, I sympathize with his frustration. He is at that awkward age when he wants more independence and to do things for himself, but is physically unable to master many difficult tasks. Take eating for example. He desperately wants to feed himself with fork or spoon. This morning, as I was scrambling eggs and toasting bread, he was filled with anticipation and hunger and couldn't wait to get in his chair and chow down. Only a few minutes into breakfast, the mood changed as the eggs simply refused to stay on the utensil long enough to make it into his mouth. Frustration set in and thrashing began. Eggs were everywhere except in the bowl or the mouth. I could feel his pain. Eventually, he reluctantly allowed me to assist him with the eggs, then was able to feed himself the toast.
Maybe I can relate better as a grandmother than I could as a young adult. I, too, want to do things that my body physically can't handle anymore and it is FRUSTRATING! I have also wanted to just swing my arms wildly and throw things in all directions. So when Jacob does just that...I understand.

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