Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Iron Chef vs. Barefoot Contessa

I know all about role reversal.  Though I haven't really reached the point of parenting my parents, I have experienced a few moments of my sons parenting me.  Like this weekend when Jeremy performed "ant-o-cide" in my master bathroom while I was away.  Of course, my preference would have been for him to dispose of the corpses before I returned, but I'm thankful that those 7000 ant carcasses were not still crawling when I got home shortly before midnight. ((((shiver)))

Nobody told me about spouse reversal.

Since Neal has been traveling, we've both had a lot of learning to do.

This was the scene in the RV on Monday.

Never trust a man with a knife in his left hand.

Or a woman with a screwdriver.

Yeah, that's right.  Neal is cooking our dinner, while I am hooking up the FM and AM antennaes on the stereo system.

Sadly, Neal is a much better cook than I.  But am I sad?  

Butterflied shrimp ready for the barbie.

Mexican Shrimp Scampi....mmmm, mmmmm.

Can you see the peaches on OUR side of the fence?

I expect homemade peach cobbler on my next trip.

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Jeanette Livingston said...

You are living the life....