Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Favorite Grandson is Six Today and I Have No Pictures

How could I possibly let this happen?  I'm the worst Nana ever.

And I blame it on the following:

1.  There was actually no "party" today.
2.  I spent most of the morning alongside my husband, who was taking a "Concealed Carry" class (refresher course for me) and the first part of the afternoon taking target practice in the sweltering 187 degree heat.
3.  I had a headache.  See #2.

Not that there weren't plenty of Kodak moments.

Jacob couldn't wait to show off his "bucking shark riding" skills to all the friends taking refuge from the heat in our pool.  And there was no shortage of applauding fans.  Five munchkins (ages 2-6), four 30-somethings, and five of us old fogies.  I'm pretty sure Jeremy got some pictures and videos, and if he's a good son, he'll share them with me.

Then I'll share them with you.

Then I'll reclaim my status as the perfect Nana.

Happy burfday, Sugar Bear!  I love you.

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