Friday, May 24, 2013

Know Your Snakes

Contrary to popular belief and the good common sense of intelligent city girls everywhere--not all snakes are bad.

The one that decided to take a swim in my pool when I was clearly trying to remove the vacuum, was a bad snake...

...and deserves the 7 bb's it took to it's tell-tale triangular head.  This, my friends, is a Copperhead.  Bad.

The one that greeted me on my front window this afternoon was a good snake...

This one gets the thumbs-up.

Oh.  Hello.

I'm told this is a King Snake.  And I'm told they eat mice and other bad snakes.  (He obviously missed the Copperhead earlier in the week.)  

And apparently baby birds that are nesting in the gutters.
Looks like he swallowed two of them.

 And then decided to hang out on top of my door frame.

Take my advice and come to my back door.

Welcome Friends.


Lisa said...

Did I mention that we will be staying in a hotel when we visit in July?!

artsmith said...

But I'll bet he eats the tarantulas as well!