Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tree Frog

After our 4th of July get-together, I had hung the beach chair on the fence. Yesterday, as I was getting ready to take it down, I noticed a silver glob on the aluminum frame. A closer look confirmed that it was a tree frog. What was so interesting, was that it not only was the same color as the frame, but it was also shiny, like the frame. I got excited, thinking how amazing it was that it could change its color and completely blend in with its surroundings. Today, I did some (limited) research on the internet, and now I think it's just a "Gray Tree Frog". Maybe it's always that color.

We have A LOT of frogs and toads out here in the country. Trista has croakaphobia (latin is my second language) and is absolutely TERRIFIED of the little hopping creatures. So, as fate would have it, Jacob LOVES them! Today, he and I found a small frog of some kind in the skimmer basket and he carried it around, pulled on its legs, rubbed its tummy, etc., etc., while his poor mommy was having a meltdown. I finally persuaded him to throw it out in the field to return to its own mommy.

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Janet said...

Even in "the city" we have lots of frogs this year. Is it because of the rain. I can't believe how many are in my flower bed. When I worked at Reading and Bates we had a frog jumping contest in the "mall" area and I volunteered to keep the frogs in line. Little did I know these were not just little cute frogs but monstrous frogs they brought in from somewhere. I definitely liked the little frogs better!