Saturday, April 24, 2010

Me and My Bright Ideas

I'll be the first to admit that not all my ideas are good ones. My evening with the grandkids looked nothing like what I had envisioned. Here's how it went down.

Jacob: Nana, can we go to War-mart and buy a toy?
Me: Not right now. (playful lilt in my voice) We're going to the movie theater to watch Oceans!
Jacob: Aaafter the movie?
Me: We'll see.

Cell phone rings.
Janell: We're running a little late.
Me: Huh? That was tonight? I thought you said tomorrow night! (stupid Facebook)

*A Drillers' game in the new stadium with one of my best friends--from out of town--maybe next time.* *sigh*

Movie tickets $20 + concessions $25 = $45

Before the movie even starts:
Jacob: How long is the movie?
Me: I think about an hour and a half.
Jacob: Awwww. I really wanna go to War-Mart.

Opening scene of Oceans shows a young boy with longish hair looking out at the ocean. Jacob thinks it's a girl. Pierce Brosnan begins the narration. Camera takes us INTO the ocean for an upclose look at the amazing sea-life that exists. Not much different than Jacob's favorite dvds "The Blue Planet" that he can watch for hours at my house.

Jacob: Where's the girl?
Me: It was a boy.
Jacob: Is this just gonna be talking?
Me: It's about life in the ocean.
Me: It's not ABOUT the girl, I mean the boy.
Jacob: Arms extended and whine in his voice....I just want to know--where is the girl?!?!?

Lauren: I need to go pee pee.
Me: Come on, Jacob, we're taking Sissy to pee pee.
We all go pee pee.

Back in our seats.
Jacob: (whining) When. Is. This. Gonna. Be. O-VER?
Me: In about an hour.
Jacob: Can we still go to War-Mart?
Me: Just watch the movie.

Jacob: (still whining) Is it almost over?
Me: Yes, it's almost over. (not really)
Lauren: I need to go pee pee again.

To the relief of everyone else in the theater...we don't return.

Jacob: Are we going to War-Mart, now?
Me: No, I don't have any money left. I spent it all on our snacks.
Jacob: Oh, man! I wish we never bought food and drinks so we could buy a toy at War-mart!
Me: Well, next time we'll know better, won't we?

By the way, Oceans subtly (or maybe it wasn't so subtle...I was somewhat distracted) promotes the Theory of Evolution. Just so ya know.

Me: You guys get to sleep in the big bed in the guest room!
Lauren: No, Nana. I wanna sleep in you bed...cause its moh comftable.
Jacob: Me, too, Nana.
I was afraid of that.

Lauren: Nana! You got a jammie dress? It's soooo cute.

In bed.
Lauren: Wheyoh's my pillow?
I switch her pillow with Jacob's.

Lauren: Nana, you fogot my milk.
I go to heat up her milk in her special cup. But as fate would have it, the milk has soured.
Me: How 'bout your chocolate milk from the movie?
Lauren: Okay.

Lauren: Wheyoh's my baby?
Me: I'll go get her.

Lauren: got my blankie?
Uh oh.

1:20 a.m.
I gingerly crawl out from under the covers and tiptoe to the guest room bed.

2:00 a.m.
Nana!! Nana!! Where are you???
Crawl back under the covers between my two precious munchkins. All is right with the world again.

The morning after:
Well, somebody got a good night's rest!

And some of us are dragging a little.


artsmith said...

Enjoy every minute of it!

Jeanette Livingston said...

You are a good Nana.

Janell said...

Ahh, we missed you at the Driller's game, but sounds like you made some great memories with those grandkids! We'll make another date and I'll tell you exactly what day it is!