Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

My life is freakishly parallel to that of a certain (famous) blogger.

I won't mention any names, but her initials are RD and her nickname rhymes with Lioneer Roman.

Notice the similarities:

She lives in rural Oklahoma.  And loves to photograph sunsets.
I live in rural Oklahoma.  And love to photograph sunsets.
What are the odds?

She owns a cattle ranch.

My neighbor's cows wander onto my property.
Coincidence?  I think not.

She has a bassett hound.

I have TWO bassetts.


She wrote a cookbook.

I bought her cookbook.  

This is getting creepy.

And finally.....

She recently adopted a kitten...

...AFTER I adopted a kitten.

Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Yup she is copying you...most definitely.. you should be flattered. :-)

Janell said...

Where are your daughters? Oh, I think I have one of them - Avery! And I want a giveaway on your blog. Of course you have many more readers of your blog than she does too.

Lita said...

Yes, I must dedicate a post to my daughter, Avery.

Lisa Shilts said...

And, most importantly, your recipes and your cooking are wanted by all. I won't even go to her website any more.

Anonymous said...

The creepiest part of this blog is that I'm currently obsessed with black heels to tractor wheels. I can't stop reading it! I must find out more about the Marlboro man and where I can find one ;)

your favorite niece
(Heather for those of you who thought you were the fav... you were wrong)