Friday, September 22, 2006

Jacob is supposed to be in a wedding tomorrow evening. Last night was rehearsal and he did fine, but we don't have high expectations. He tried on his tux last night, and despite crooked buttoning and a little bit of a dirty face, he still looked quite handsome and was pleased to pose for me.
My self-proclaimed (and now absolutely) favorite sister-in-law, JoAnn, along with the cooperation of her niece-in-law, are giving me a rare treat today. Since my physical activity is still restricted following surgery, Merry Maids are coming today for 1-2 hours of free cleaning. It will feel good to have everything scrubbed and vacuumed again, even for a little while.

I went to a photography class last night on Travel and Leisure. It was very interesting, but confirmed my ignorance in the basics. I plan to go to a class next Saturday titled, "Introduction to the Digital Age". My new camera has so many more menu settings, and I'm a little overwhelmed. Maybe by the time the granddaughter arrives, I'll be a little more adept.

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