Thursday, September 28, 2006

Refreshing Dip

Last night while Trista was cleaning the kitchen--that's right, there has been an unspoken arrangement since the kids moved in with me, I cook and Trista cleans up afterwards, not a bad deal--Jacob came downstairs with a wet head. He was so excited and proud and when we asked how his head got wet, he said, "uh potty, uh head." (exchange of questioning glances) No way...couldn't be...could it? Trista had to know for sure. "Show me," she apprehensively said. He took her upstairs and pointed to the toilet. I thought it was hilarious, Trista (the germaphobic) freaked out. He was immediately transported to the bathtub where he got a good scrubbing, all the while being warned of how "shhoooeeeyyy" that was and being instructed on the proper use of the potty.

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