Monday, September 18, 2006

Too Young for Senility

Have you ever written something on your calendar, but left out pertinent information? I have opened my calendar on several occasions to see a time written on a particular date, but had to rack my brain to remember who the appointement was with. I thought I had solved that problem by changing to a Daytimer, where the times are already there, you just fill in the activity/appointment. This morning I opened my Daytimer to a new dilema. There is a small space between daytime and evening time slots. In that small space, I've written "red & black". RED AND BLACK???!!!!!??? What in the cat hair is that supposed to mean? I really must cut back on the NutriSweet! You would think that I would be so aware of my lapses in memory that I would be very detailed in my entries to the Daytimer. So....all day I'll be wondering what significance "red & black" has to my day today.

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