Friday, August 03, 2007


I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I receive numerous emails from friends that are the dreaded "forwards." When I'm really busy, which is most of the time, I tend to delete without even opening them. When I do open them, I usually just read them if they're short. The long ones, no matter how touching or how true they are, just don't get a chance. If I have time, I will occasionally read a really long one--maybe not word for word, but I get the idea. I hate to tell those of you who regularly send me these be forwarded to my address ain't happenin'. Today I perused a "forward" that was really sweet, but what impacted me most was a little phrase tacked on at the bottom, sort of as an afterthought. It read:

"Learn from for today...hope for tomorrow."

So much wisdom in that little phrase. I personally know people that carry a huge load of guilt for their "yesterdays". Because of this, it's an impossibility to "live for today" or for that matter "hope for tomorrow." I've been through the guilt phase and have finally moved on. My problem seems to be the second and third parts of this saying. My obsession with "hope for tomorrow" doesn't allow me to fully "live for today." Contentment is difficult for me unless I have something big to look forward to. So today, I'm glad I opened that email and perservered to the bottom of the page. This is my pledge. Today I will live---not just exist---but live, knowing I have learned from yesterday and have hope for tomorrow.

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