Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is what I live for...

Great Bible study this morning!  Uninterrupted time of meditation is so very precious.

Just have to share what God revealed to me today.  Maybe it's not a new thought for you, but it really stirred my heart.

Death.  It's what we live for!

We find it all around us.  Friends...loved ones...loved ones of friends...we can't escape it.  It brings us sadness and grief.  BUT.  Barring the second's the only portal to a literal face-to-face with the Creator of the universe. It's the means to get to our destination.

And although it's a joyful event in heaven, God knows that we will mourn.  So he comforts us.  Jesus went so far as to bring some back to life on earth. Not because this was a better place, but because he knew how we perceive death.

I know.  We have other purposes while we're alive in our human bodies.  And our journey is filled with blessings and opportunities.  But in the end, when I'm on death's doorstep I hope I will say, "Death, where is your victory?  This is what I've lived for!"

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