Friday, September 16, 2011

Europe: The Travel

Greg demanded strongly suggested only carry-on bags.  We're talking 10 days in Europe, folks.  Does he realize that I check a bag for a weekend in Houston?

But, of course, being the "rule-follower" that I am, this is what I took with me.  So when you see pics of me in the same clothes, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the same day or place.  It's just what was relatively clean at the time.

From Tulsa to Dallas, I somehow was privileged to fly First-Class. (Thanks, Greg.  Don't tell Janet that you love me more.)  And man-oh-man, would I have loved this seat on the next 10-hour leg of the trip!
Though I would NEVER rub it in.....I did feel the need to photograph this momentus occasion...
...and also document that Janet was in Coach.  "Hi, Elaine!!!! How are the pretzels back there?"

Traveling with Greg, was like traveling with the President.  Not that I've ever traveled with the President.  But this is how it must feel.  He is a seasoned traveler, and has VIP status wherever he goes, and since we were his traveling companions, we got the same treatment.
In the Admiral's Lounge at DFW.  Greg obviously hasn't started his "vacation" yet.

Admiral's Lounge.  Making notes in my spiral-bound trip notebook that Greg prepared for all of us. This was between logging on to my FB account in the complimentary computers and sampling the complimentary snacks and drinks in the lounge. How will I ever fly Southwest again?

Taxi to the hotel in Paris.
Considering we've been in planes and airports for the last 17-1/2 hours, and it's 3:00 a.m. in Tulsa, I think we look pretty good!

Paris Taxi Cab
"Jeudi - 25 Aout"
Thursday, August 25
In Paris we got very familiar with the Metro.

Well...sort of.

Never mind.

You guys figure out where we are and we'll stand here and look pretty.

Yes, we had TWO GPS's and still couldn't find our hotel in the Netherlands.

 Love the signage.  Ya think?

Please--Do Not Feed the Driver

Gasoline is extremely high in Europe.
But tell me, have you ever seen a cleaner gas station?
(The Swiss take great pride in their cleanliness.)

Or one with prettier flower boxes?

These feet did a LOT of walking and stair climbing and hiking.
I think I deserve a pedicure.

A UFO?  Incoming jet on fire?

Oh.  I guess it's just sunset at Charles De Gaulle airport.
View from the Airport Hilton--last night in Paris.


Jeanette Livingston said...

What a once in a lifetime trip!

SuBo said...

Loved reading your blog and reliving it for feeding our driver, Greg...I was just trying to give him all the frites that had the mayo...eeeewwwww.