Monday, September 17, 2012

European Vacation - Part 1 "Rome"

A synopsis of 6 countries in 9 days.

Monday afternoon - Rome, Italy

The Vatican

Yes.  I look WIPED OUT.  Remember, I had just spent 16 hours getting from Tulsa to Rome. Not complaining, mind you.  Who wouldn't want to trade places with me?

The works of art were amazing.  From floor....
(this is what we were WALKING on) ceiling.

The Swiss Guard
Why Swiss?  And why do they dress like court jesters?  I haven't googled that yet.

St. Peter's Square and Basilica

And last, but not least, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Of course this is a copy and not MY photo of Michelangelo's masterpiece, since photos are not allowed.  Not because of possible flash damage, mind you, but because Fuji Film has copyright protection, since they funded the restoration of the ceiling.  And I am a strict rule-follower.  It's one of my many vices virtues.

I just can't take it!  Too much beauty and history. 

Of course, dinner was pizza.  Every day in Italy was "pizza day."  Pizza restaurants on every corner.  Street pizza.  I was in pizza heaven.

Tuesday - Rome, Italy

The Fountains
Fontana delle Api
It rained most of the day.  But hey, we're from drought-plagued Oklahoma.  We loved it!

Fontana delle Tritone (in Piazza Navona)

Fontana del Moro (Piazza Navona)

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Piazza Navona)

Fontana delle Tartarughe (Turtle Fountain)

Fontana del Moses
(Drive-by shot)

Fontana di Trevi

And the day isn't over yet!  Rome will definitely take more than one blog post.  Stay tuned.

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