Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chatter Box

Today, while working out with Janet, we were discussing blogs and she was sharing how wonderful it was to be able to stay up-to-date on her grandkids through her children's blogs. Being able to share in the little things they did each day that might go unmentioned if it weren't for daily blogs. It reminded me that I've become lax about that kind of information, and I know my parents feel more a part of their great-grandkids' lives through my blog. So this is for you Grandma and Grandpa.

Jacob has really come a long way with his verbal skills. Jeremy was so anxious for him to talk and I think a little worried. But now, he is quite the conversationalist. Last week, as I held Lauren, he was pointing out and naming all her facial features. I expected the usual...nose, eyes, mouth, but was a little surprised when he identified her "chin", "face", "eyebwow", and "udder one "eyebwow." Yesterday, when he and daddy came to get Lauren, he went back to the toy room to get his talking parrot. It wasn't long before he called out to us "It's not worrrrking!!" Before they left, I subtly mentioned to Jeremy that I thought Jacob's diaper needed changing. He's 2 1/2, and is pretty good about "no. 1" in the potty, but not so much "no. 2". Jeremy asked him "did you poo poo in your diaper?" to which he quickly responded "no I didn't." Of course, it was obvious from the odor wafting around the little guy that he indeed had. Again, Jeremy asked, "Jacob, look at me [big blue eyes roll up to meet dad's], did you poo poo?" Again, the response, "no I didn't." "Jacob, tell me the truth, did you poo poo?" "No I didn't." (He gets this compulsive lying from his Nana.) I asked, "does he get in trouble for poo pooing in his diaper?" Apparently not, but he intuitively knows he shouldn't. That's a good sign, right?

Jacob has become obsessed with "Cars" -- both the movie and the cars. He carries them everywhere, and not just one or two. He thinks he has to have nine or ten in his arms. They go everywhere with him, even to bed.

Lauren, at 4 months, is already babbling away. She talked to the butterfly hanging from her jump seat for a solid 10 minutes yesterday, giggling between "words." She's trying very hard to sit up, but just doesn't quite have the abdominal strength yet. (She probably gets that from her Nana too. I just can't control the genes I pass down through the generations!) She is so chubby! Especially her thighs. Now, I don't know who she gets that from. She is trying to hold her own bottle, which is something her brother NEVER did.

Well, I hope this has made up a little for my lack of reporting on the grandkids. I'll try to do better in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! It is so hard to imagine they are getting so big. Can't wait to see them again.