Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fire Bug

If all the whining, nagging and pleading fails, just burn the place down.

Seriously...I was just trying to help.  Usually, my problem is getting the fire started.

Here's a list of things I KNOW, but didn't DO.

1.  Don't burn when it hasn't rained in the last 10 days.
2.  Always have water nearby.
3.  Carry a phone.

This "control burn" quickly became out of control.

Being the control freak that I am, I just KNEW I could handle this.  But when my lungs started burning, I decided to call for backup.

These boots may be made for walkin', but they're also good for runnin' -- 

to the house -- to call our trusty rural fire department. 

Meet Charlie and Kenneth.

I was literally (yes, Emily, I said "literally") sick to my stomach.
Not to mention my face was burnt, my toes were burnt, I think the lining of my lungs is burnt.
My iced water tastes burnt.

I kept hearing my self mumble, "I'm so sorry.  My husband's gonna kill me.  I'm so sorry."

But look, honey, we saved your deer feeder!

That oughtta be worth somethin', right?

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Anonymous said...

It's always good to see photos of my tax guru (well, my tax guru's husband) saving my aunt from flames. Glad you and the farm are okay! ~Mo