Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Night Special

I rarely...I mean hardly ever....probably never...have blogged on a Saturday night.

I'm waiting for the Tylenol Arthritis and sleeping pill to kick in.

We waterproofed the deck and part of the fence today.  Only PART of the fence, because we ran out.  Which means we have more fun in store tomorrow.  We bought (or thought we bought) "Clear."  Which made the stains on my clothes and skin sort of puzzling.'s "Natural."  Which means it's the same color as my age spots, making it extremely difficult to know if I'm totally cleaned up.

Jeremy and the kids were here most of the day.  The kids stayed pretty much occupied finding grub-infested acorns and making a whole tiny grub town on the front porch.  Grub houses and grub stores, grub beds and grub chairs -- made of sand, sticks and leaves. It's lovely.

We opted for KFC for dinner.  The kids chose drumsticks, but had some trouble figuring out how to eat them.  Jacob: "Does this got a bone?"  Ahhh.  Light bulb moment.  First time this 6- and 4-year old have ever eaten chicken off the bone.  What is this world coming to?

We invited the in-laws over to watch OU football.  Then discovered that we don't get Fox Sports.  So--we'll go to Jeremy's.  Oops, Jeremy doesn't get it either.  Stupid satellite.  I want my Cox TV.

The end.

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