Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Crazy -- But I'm Not Complaining

Yesterday -- October 24 -- one week before Halloween -- 80+ degrees.

This calls for fishin' at the pond.

Yes.  Jacob is wearing ear protectors.

"Papa.  Can I throw him back in?"


"Papa!  Can I throw him back in the water?"

"Yeah. Sure. Throw him in."


Yes, Jacob is wearing ear protectors.  And apparently they work very well.

The weather also calls for a swim.  But since the pool has been closed for a month, we'll settle for washing the 4-wheeler.

This is what my beautiful granddaughter looks like when she gets to my house:

Cute (clean) outfit.
Every hair in place.
Coordinating bow.
Matching watch.

But just give it a couple of hours:

Here's something else that's crazy.  And again...I'm not complaining.

This is the tomato that Jacob picked from our garden yesterday:

...from this plant:

Luvin' our Indian Summer.

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artsmith said...

What precious times with Papa and Nana. The pictures are great!!