Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo Workshop

In answer to my desperate plea for help in mastering my digital SLR, renowned photographer, Jenny, invited me to a photography workshop today.

I had to change batteries midway through 138 pictures...19 of which were a pumpkin on a white chair.

(I actually think Jenny took this picture.  Oh well.)

I'll probably dream about ISOs, Shutter Speeds, White Balance and Apertures.  But I now know how to take pictures in all lighting conditions without a flash!  Awesome.

My goal is to take better pictures of my grandkids.  All the other girls were in the early stages of starting their families and therefore very young, hip and adorable.  

I felt very matronly.  

But that's my excuse for not soaking up all the information from the git-go.  

After four hours of lecturing, finding the right buttons on our cameras and changing our settings, we had an hour to practice on two handsome 3-yr. olds.

This little guy was a pro.  
He went right to work, pretending we weren't even there.

The second model was a little more reluctant.  
But look at that cool cowlick!

Lovin' the lens.

Loosening up a bit.

One of my favorites.

Personal Best.
I'll post more on my Facebook page, along with my critique.  And I welcome yours.

A big "thank you" to Jenny and Ashley for your expertise, advice, tips and never-ending patience today.

And to Jenny for driving the carpool to Muskogee.  I'll drop a hint to Santa to put a GPS in your stocking.

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