Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three guesses who was here yesterday.

Remind me not to waste my time cleaning those windows.

There's not much "down time" when the grandkids are here.  I think I had ice cream for lunch.

Jacob is right at home in the water.

And Lauren is right at home in the shallow end, with her trusty floaties.
But she's starting to think she just might be missing out on something.

Okay.  At least she's standing on the diving board.

And she's contemplating the jump.

 Lucky for her, there's a convenient ledge in the deep end that's perfect for beginners.

This is big, folks.  Really big.

She mentioned once that she wished Linda and Marcia were here.  If she only knew....  Marcia would have those floaties off in a flash and she'd be flying through the air before she could scream bloody murder.  That's how her brother learned, dadgum it.  Sink or swim, buddy.

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