Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Plane in Maine Stays Mainly in the Rain

...or something like that....

I'm here to tell ya, it is NOT easy to get from Tulsa to Bangor.  

Connections in Minneapolis and Laguardia.....and Hartford, CT.  That's the one they don't tell you about. Due to a low ceiling (besides the one in the puddle jumper's lavatory--which explains the bump on Neal's head) Laguardia was gridlocked and we were diverted to Hartford.  Now the folks in Hartford didn't exactly roll out the red carpet for us. The only way they would grant us a gate was if we approached the 3-hr rule on the tarmac.  Which we did.

We got to know our crew and fellow passengers quite well.  Except for the terr0rist in front of us who kept his hood on the entire time!  We met a lovely couple who lives in the Bar Harbor area.  He's a biologist and counts bears for a living--Neal's dream job.  She works for the Forestry Department--Neal's dream wife.

So they finally allowed us off the plane into the airport.  Yay!!!  The peanuts and pretzels were starting to wear off.

After the okay from NYC, we boarded again and headed back to Laguardia, which was actually in the opposite direction of our destination.  And of course, our connection from there to Bangor was also delayed.

So...with another 4-hour layover, we followed our noses to the pizza place.

Make the most of every situation, I always say...or wish I always said.

We landed in Bangor around midnight and drove to Bar Harbor (arriving at 1:30 a.m.), where a perfectly charming room (and comfy bed)  awaited us.

Vacation begins!


Lisa Shilts said...

I can't believe you were in Minneapolis and didn't call!

Lita said...

Lisa--just had time to change planes in Minneapolis. I needed you in Hartford, CT or NYC!!!!