Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back Home

We drove through the night Thursday night and made it safely home at 4:30 Friday morning. The roads were surpisingly clear and dry and our travel time was the same or less than usual. Turning into our neighborhood was another story. The street and our driveway were solid sheets of ice. Which reminds me, I must do the Tim Conway shuffle to our mailbox today (note to self). Of course, yesterday, the icy conditions didn't stop us from making a visit to our grandchildren. Jacob was so excited to see us! And I think Lauren was too, although everyone says that she smiles like that ALL the time. Jacob entertained us on his drums and piano, then played cars with PaPa. When we left, he was sure he was going with us. Maybe next time. I can't write about the grandkids without posting pictures. Enjoy!

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