Saturday, January 30, 2010

Be Prepared

I was not a boy scout, or even a girl scout, but I like their motto.

You know the sayings, "if you don't want it to rain, take your umbrella," and "if you want it to rain, wash your car." Well, we dodged a major bullet the last couple of days with a milder-than-expected ice and snow storm.

Gracie, playing in the snow.

Unlike earthquakes, ice and snow can be predicted days in advance. After the Great Ice Storm of 2007, us Okies were not taking any chances. Walmart actually ran out of milk and eggs.

My son got the generator out of the shop and parked it behind the house. Two 5-gallon gas containers perched next to it. Electrician was scheduled to install a receptacle for the generator to plug directly into the house. Problem number one--generator wouldn't start. Solution: Good Samaritan Mike loaded it up and took it to his shop Wednesday night and cleaned the spark plugs, brought it back the same night and it was ready to roll. Problem number two--parts needed by electrician were out-of-stock at Home Depot. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea. Solution: another truck delivering to Home Depot Wednesday night. Electrician came out Thursday evening and, in the midst of freezing rain and high winds, installed my special outlet. I carried several stacks of wood to the front porch, in case the fireplace was my only source of heat. My cupboards were stocked.

All that--to say this. I WAS READY! And I'm not complaining, but I didn't need any of it. I'm still proud of myself for being prepared.

Hurricanes can be predicted weeks in advance. Snow/ice storms...days. Tornadoes...hours. While we can prepare for these disasters, Haiti had no time to prepare for their major earthquake. (Well, unless you take into consideration that they knew they were on a fault line and should have taken precautions in the way their structures are built.) Kind of like us knowing that Jesus has said He is coming back. We just don't know when. There will be no warning (like a thief in the night). Are we as prepared for that great event as we were for the ice storm?


artsmith said...

The picture with the branch and the blurred background is fantastic. The one of Gracie playing in the snow leaves me to wonder if she is covered in snow, I can't seem to see her. Your message of being prepared is very profound. Thanks for sharing.

artsmith said...

Now I see Gracie. She is almost covered in snow.

Lita said...

Gracie is, indeed, in the picture. Kind of like "Where's Waldo?" Hint: bottom of tree...middle.

artsmith said...

That first picture is called bokeh. I couldn't think what it was called. You need to enter that in a photo contest.