Sunday, January 10, 2010

Night (and morning) at the Circus

The grandkids spent the night with me last night. Which also meant church with Nana this morning.

Since we were still experiencing frigid temperatures, we also had Gracie in the house. Ladies and Gentlemen! Let the circus begin!

The kids were ecstatic that the dog was in the house. The chair where Gracie camps out, covered in a flannel sheet to collect her hair, also became the favorite place for Jacob to play his Nintendo DS. Sorry for all the dog hair that made its way back to your house, Trista.

Notable conversations and soundbites:

Last night:

Me: "No, Lauren, Gracie can't have a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.....Gracie, drop it....I said drop it!"

Me: "Jacob!--what did I say? DO NOT FEED GRACIE YOUR CHEESE!"

Playing checkers:
Jacob: "Nice move, Nana...but you're goin' down!"

Jacob: "Nana, I love you so soooooo my heart!"
Me: "I love you with all my heart too, Jacob."
Lauren: "I love you Nana."
Me: "I love you too Lauren."
Jacob: "I love you Lauren."
Lauren: "I don't love you Jacob."
Jacob: (heartbroken) "Nana, Sissy said she doesn't love me."
Me: "She's just teasing you, Jacob, she really loves you."
Lauren: "No I don't. 'Cause I'm angry."

This morning, getting ready for church:

Jacob: "Can we have these (Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes) for breakfast?"
Nana: "Yes, but no chocolate in your milk." (I'm not a complete pushover.)

Lauren (waving her magic wand): "Nana, I turning you into Trista!" Oh how I wish. Then maybe I could manage getting 2 kids bathed and fed and ready for church on time. How do these people do it? How did I do it? Oh yeah, I was 30 years younger.

Jacob's Teacher: "Jacob said I could come spend the night with you for five days." Sure, come join the circus!

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artsmith said...

Circus are fun places. Your circus looks like it was a fun place.