Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dog Days of Winter

I have rules about animals in the house.

#1: No animals in the house.
#2: Animals only allowed inside when temperatures drop below 20 degrees.
#3: No dogs on the furniture.
#4: No dogs in my bedroom.

Over the past week or so, Rule #2 has trumped Rule #1.

Ever so cunningly, Gracie has decided that rules are made to be broken. She has now taken over one of the living room arm chairs.

So much for Rule #3.

And what's this? I believe the only carpet in my house is in my bedroom, thus breaking rule #4.
It's part of her diabolical scheme to take over the world.

The sunshine feels so good beaming in through the patio doors of my bedroom.

Looks like the perfect spot for a little siesta.

Now, if it's too dadgum cold to stay outside, how come when she goes out for a potty break, she can't get enough of the white stuff?

She literally ROLLS in it.

But who can resist these eyes?Sleep well, princess.

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Sandra said...

You are really a softy deep down dog lover!