Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks for the Signal, God

Since I've been so bold as to write about some of my frustrations with my local church, I feel it only fair to report the beams of light that are breaking through the clouds.

Last night was the kick-off for a new program that involves the whole congregation. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the "program," which will remain nameless, in case you are doing the same thing at your church. In fact, I only went to the introduction meeting because they served donuts--just tryin' to keep it real here.

I was already praying with a group of people twice a month (which you may recall was the subject of one of my less-than-enthusiastic posts) and since I wasn't dealing very well with the pressure to participate, (I'm the girl that cain't say no) I elected to be part of the prayer team.

Sixty-five dedicated servants showed up on a Monday night to be a part of this effort. Mind you...our church is small...little...teeny tiny. We had all seen each other just the day before, but it was obvious how happy we were to see each other again.

After we shared a meal, seven of us went to our designated room to pray. And pray we did. All of us. Four men and three women. For an hour and a half. We prayed individually for people that are struggling with health issues, emotional issues and spiritual issues. We prayed for our shut-ins, for new members, for visitors. Maybe we prayed for you. And God showed me that He can change minds and hearts without me having to say a word.


John and Amy said...

I am so glad "the program" was uplifting to you! Who knows, maybe someone has been praying for you : )

Lita said...

I know for a fact there are people praying for me!

artsmith said...

This is very encouraging! Love you! And, yes I am praying for you and know you are praying for me as well. Thank you and Thank God!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm having issues with my beliefs. We were brought up believing in Jesus Christ and there are people out there who think we're insane to belief in Him. These people were brought up either a) not believing in anything or b) believing in something or someone other than Jesus Christ. And in turn, we think they're insane. Don't get me wrong...I belief in Jesus Christ, but hate being scared that if I question Him, then my chances of seeing the "Pearly Gates" are slim. Someone had posted a status on facebook the other day basically saying they had read up on Scientology just for kicks and said how silly the whole religion was. I agreed with the post and replied to her post saying how unbelievable Scientology is. Someone else posted something to the effect that Christianty is so much more believable, in a sarcastic tone. This just made me think for a moment that this guy was kind of right. Things that happen in Bible are hard to believe. I'm not going to go on, just kind of wanted to get my feelings out there.


Lita said...

JNB -- no need to be scared of doubts. It's very healthy. If it were all concrete, proof without a shadow of doubt, where would faith come in? I can guarantee you that even the most faithful have had their periods of doubt and questioning. Good for you for putting it out there!