Friday, June 22, 2007

Ghetto Driver

The thousands of chug holes in Tulsa roads are blamed on the snowy winter we had.'s June. I hit a crater on Sunday at about 45 mph on a ramp on the expressway, doing who knows how much damage to my front end. After arriving home from bible study Sunday evening, I was walking past my kitchen window and to my surprise and dismay, saw that I was missing my front left hubcap. Erghh! Do you realize what a difference that makes to the appearance of your car????? I admit, my car is almost 10 years old, but on most days I'm not embarrassed to drive it. The Toyota dealership quoted me $57 for a new hubcap. <:0 Unwilling to lay out 60 big ones for a piece of tin, I started shopping around. Actually, I retraced my Sunday route and think I spotted it on the side of the road. Unfortunately, I only had a split second to decide if it was worth risking my life to pull over in traffic to pick it up. I decided my life was worth more than 60 bucks. Today I found "Hubcap Kingdom." They had three options for me--a new one for $45, a cheap imitation for $15, and guess what?....a used one that had JUST come in for $25. What a coincidence! I'm pretty sure I paid $25 for my OWN hubcap!

For those of you dying of suspense (or needing to make a claim with a moving company) a 23 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator weighs approximately 335 lbs. Thank you Carolyn.


artsmith said...

You just crack me up! Hope you enjoy your "new" hubcap more than you did your old one.

Terry Rush said...

Ghetto Lita,

Hey, I need you to email me your new email address and phone. I sent you an important message a minute ago...and it bounced back.

eMe at Okay?

Love you today!

Bob said...

I hope your experience was a pleasant one at Hubcap Kingdom.
Thank you for your business!
Bob - Hubcap Kingdom